Graduate Students

Tatem Burns, M.A.

Tatem leads a project which investigates how team faultlines influence team processes in space mission teams, and is conducting research to help further both the CREWS and US-Russia grants funded by NASA. Her research interests include how team composition, team faultlines, and team identity relate to team effectiveness. In her spare time, Tatem can be found in the yoga studio, rollerblading along the Lake Front Trail, or challenging her cooking skills with a new recipe. 

Mikayla Marcinkowski, M.A.

Mikayla is finishing up her first year as a graduate student and is in the early stages of her thesis. General research interests include the impact of individual differences on team member interactions, team processes, and outcomes. When not doing lab or class work, Mikayla enjoys exploring Chicago and running along the lakefront trail. 

Melissa Hornik Vazquez, M.A.

Melissa is working on her Master's thesis focused on team dynamics to help improve team performance within organizations. Her research interests include team composition and relationship development between team members over time. In 2017, Melissa was awarded the Illinois Space Grant Consortium Graduate Fellowship and in 2018 was recognized as a 24 Under 24 Leader and Innovator in STEAM and Space, from her research contributions studying team member relationships for long-duration space exploration such as Mission to Mars. Beyond work, Melissa enjoys watching football (go Dolphins!), volunteering at Chicago Lights Tutoring, and eating cheese fries from Shake Shack. 

DePaul University

With 22,769 students, DePaul is the nation's largest Catholic University. Located in Chicago, DePaul offers 130+ majors, unparalleled internships, research opportunities, and easy access to a global community.


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