The Science Behind the Right People

Much of work is now organized around teams. Team composition, or the configuration of team member attributes, is a critical enabler of team effectiveness. In @teamslab, we systematically research how team member attributes (e.g. personality, values, general mental ability, demographics) at different levels of analysis influence the way team members interact, feel about one another and get on the same page in a variety of contexts. Team composition information can be used in team design to better select and assign team members to teams. When situations don't allow for team composition to be used in team design, team composition information can be used to better manage teams, for example, by tailoring training interventions or prioritizing leadership behaviors.

Our lab has a number of ongoing research projects. Primarily these: (a) seek to bridge the science-practice gap related to team composition, (b) use a micro dynamic approach to understanding team composition, (c) and seek to strategically integrate context. An example is our NASA-funded research  in which we are creating a predictive team composition model for long-duration space exploration such as Mission to Mars, and a Crew Recommender System and interface. You can read about the project under CREWS.

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