Our goal is to advance the evidence-based practice of managing talent in organizations
by researching the design and empowerment of teams.

Dr. Suzanne Bell is tenured professor at DePaul University and the director of DePaul's @TeamsLab. Her research primarily focuses on the strategic staffing of organizations, training and employee development, and maximizing team effectiveness. The majority of her current research focuses on how the mix of team members, or team composition, relates to team effectiveness. The lab is currently focused on two major projects funded by NASA.

DePaul University

With 22,769 students, DePaul is the nation's largest Catholic University. Located in Chicago, DePaul offers 130+ majors, unparalleled internships, research opportunities, and easy access to a global community.

Lab Location

Byrne Hall

2219 N Kenmore Ave.

Chicago, IL 60614



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